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Worldwide Imports

We import books from many countries. Our shelves hold a diverse selection of titles, from books about renowned restaurants to explorations of regional food cultures.

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Small and Independent Publishers

We vigorously support small presses and authors who self-publish in specialized areas, passionately addressing subjects overlooked by large houses.

Announcements and Thoughts

Walking Tours with Wander, Eat & Tell

Learn about the woman who leads our new series of food tours around New York City.


Embarking on an extraordinary journey along Japan's Nakasendō historic highway, Craig Mod's Kissa by Kissa unravels the stories embedded within the fabric of the country’s traditional coffee shops, also known as kissaten. In this exclusive excerpt from the book, we encounter Kumata, a quaint kissaten in Kiso-Fukushima run by the kindly Mr. and Mama Kumata.

In the Spirit: 10 Cocktail Recipe Books for Bartenders

The art of mixology goes far beyond simply pouring drinks. It requires understanding flavor profiles and techniques a...

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