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Amrikan: 125 Recipes from the Indian American Diaspora

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by Khushbu Shah
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This flavorful testament to adaptation and endurance celebrates the home cooking of Indian-immigrant families in the US. Author Khushbu Shah, a food writer and restaurant critic, draws on the kitchens of family and friends–as well as her own lively imagination–to show how peanut butter and ketchup have a place on pantry shelves alongside moong dal and basmati rice.

This intersection manifests itself in dishes such as:

  • Masala shakshuka

  • Breakfast cereal chevvdo (Chex party mix’s much more outgoing cousin)

  • Jalapeno popper samosas

  • Butter chicken pizza

  • Aloo paratha quesadillas

There are traditional dishes as well, like saag paneer with its fresh cheese and spinach, or a buttery naan bread that does not require a clay oven. But the magic happens here when Shah offers imaginative twists that represent kitchen inspiration, like the pinch of cardamom in the graham cracker crust of mango pie, or the way that saag paneer transitions into lasagna.

Bold and confident and fun.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. 

Published: June 4, 2024

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