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This is Not a Recipe Book

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by Tal Spiegel
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Tal Spiegel doesn't want to write more recipes for you to follow, he wants to empower you to write and execute your own.  With tips and tricks learned from both his design and pastry background, he shows us how to take an idea from two dimensional plan to three dimensional reality.

In order to do this, he walks us through examples from his own portfolio, sharing not just the 'how's' but the 'why's' behind 15 stunning multi-component deserts.  You learn how the recipe for the Apple Twist started after encountering a novel tool not typically used for deserts, how the layers of a dormant volcano inspired a multi-layer flan, or how the bold simplicity of the graphic designer Joseph Müller-Brockmann inspired a cream filled merengue with contrasting matte and gloss coatings. 

Each recipe goes on for multiple pages, from initial inspiration, to mood board, to diagrams of potential builds, to the baking and assembly of the final product. 

This book is a delight for anyone who loves to peer into the inner workings of a creative practice and make more inspired, narrative works of edible art. 

Hardcover. Color illustration throughout. 

Published: September 19, 2023

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