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Shichimi Food Magazine #01: The Framing Issue

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Limited Edition of 500 copies. Signed.

This is the inaugural issue of an ambitious and perceptive periodical published in Japan. Its focus is on visual explorations of some of the richest topics in the realms of food.

For this, the Framing Issue, food stylist Kaoru Mitsui, collaborating with seven of Japan's leading photographers, challenges us to examine our perspectives on ingredients, recipes, and eating.

Mitsui's own work has frequently explored connections between food, art, and fashion, playfully blurring lines between the worlds in thought-provoking ways.

In a wide range of compellingly composed photographs displaying a variety of styles, she and her collaborators seek to make us aware of how we set our definitions of what is edible, how we decide what is cookable, and how we cook it. The images ask us to consider afresh an ingredient's character and how it can be transformed. 

Uniquely formatted and designed as 58 frameable sheets enclosed in a portfolio, Shichimi is printed on heavy stock, which gives you the freedom to interact with it and customize its use. Since many of the pages offer recipes on their other side, they are also intended to be used in the kitchen, adding a practical counterpoint to the magazine's aesthetic exploration.

Shichimi offers things magazines and books are not expected to offer. One page has been hand-embroidered by Mitsui or her mother. Supplemental pages include a sheet of waterproof origami paper, with instructions for folding it into an "onigiri" cup capable of holding food or drink.

Collaborating photographers are:

  • Toki
  • Toshio Ohno
  • Yusuke Abe
  • Toshiaki Kitaoka
  • Ryo Hanabusa
  • Hiroko Matsubara
  • Shinichi Sasake
Collaborating Art director :
  • Hitoki Naruo

Portfolio containing 58 sheets in full color, including one gatefold, plus supplemental explanatory pages. In English and Japanese.

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