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Walking Tours with Wander, Eat & Tell

Walking Tours with Wander, Eat & Tell

Our new series of NYC Walking Tours is a partnership with Wander, Eat & Tell, the thoughtful and exciting work of Annette Tomei.

photo of Annette Tomei

Who is Annette Tomei?

Annette is a former restaurant chef, a culinary instructor who has taught at the French Culinary Institute and the Culinary Institute of America, the leader of the Kitchen Arts & Letters Cookbook Cluband a graduate-degree food historian.

Annette's professional students have gone on to become some of the country's leading chefs. She's beloved by home cooks who find her completely sympatico—and her enthusiasm is as deep as her expertise.

Each tour Annette leads is carefully planned to showcase the diverse food and drink culture of New York City. She'll take you to places she has loved for decades, and maybe a fun new start-up as well. And at the end of the day, she'll encourage you to reflect on what you've discovered and what it tells you about yourself and the community you live in.

Things to Know

These Walking Tours are just that: walking. We'll always tell you roughly how much walking is involved, but it won't all come in one fell swoop.

We'll depend on you to know your limits, and to dress sensibly in terms of the weather and the unpredictability of NYC streets and sidewalks.

Tours will happen rain or shine. Tour tickets are non-refundable,

After you sign up, we'll send you a release which you'll need to bring signed to the tour starting point. You can read the full text of the release below, so that you know what you're agreeing to before you commit.

The Release

By purchasing this ticket and participating in this walking tour, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. I am taking this tour voluntarily and am in good health.
  2. I understand there are risks to walking in public.
  3. I accept personal responsibility for anything that happens to me, like if I get hurt or lose something.
  4. I release Kitchen Arts & Letters, Annette Tomei, and anyone working with them, including contractors, from any claims or liability for damages.
  5. If something bad happens to me during the tour, it’s not their fault (see #4).
  6. If part of this waiver is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, it doesn’t mean the whole thing is.
  7. If I agreed to it, Kitchen Arts & Letters and/or Annette Tomei can take photos and video during the walking tour and can use my image, likeness, recordings of me in any format to promote future programs or any other way they like without having to pay me anything for it, ever.
  8. If I get hurt or need medical attention, Annette Tomei or other representative of Kitchen Arts & Letters can arrange it, but it’s not their duty to do so.

Voluntary Participation. I understand and confirm that my participation in this program is voluntary. I am in good health and suffer from no physical or mental condition that would make me susceptible to injury or disability while participating in the tour.

Understanding Risks. I am aware of the risks, dangers and hazards involved in my participation in this activity. I understand that it takes place in public venues under conditions largely beyond the control of Kitchen Arts & Letters or Annette Tomei. Potential risks may include, but are not limited to: uneven walking surfaces, potholes, raised path edges, wet or slippery ground, steps, curbs, low lighting, narrow walkways, traffic movement, road crossings, diversions due to construction or exposure to heat and weather conditions.

Assuming Risks. I assume all risks involved in participation in this program. I accept personal responsibility for any liability, injury, loss, or damage in any way connected with my participation in this program.

Release of Liability. I release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Kitchen Arts & Letters, its principals, owners, employees, Annette Tomei, or their insurers (collectively “Released Entities”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses for death, injury, loss or damage of property, in any way arising out of my participation in this program, including, without limitation, any and all claims resulting from the negligence of the Released Entities.

Indemnity Agreement. I indemnify and hold harmless the Released Entities from any loss, liability, damage or cost that they may incur for losses and damages which may be brought against me or against any of them by anyone claiming to be injured (including death) or whose property is damaged as a result of my actions arising from or during this program.

If any portion of this Waiver is held to be invalid it is agreed that the balance of the Agreement will remain valid and enforceable.

Promotion Release. I agree to grant to Kitchen Arts & Letters and/or Annette Tomei a royalty-free license to use my photographic, video, or digital likeness, in whole or in part, taken during a program, solely for promotional and/or educational purposes.

Consent to Medical Treatment. I authorize Annette Tomei to arrange customary medical assistance, transportation, and emergency medical services for me as the result of injury or health condition. This consent does not impose a duty upon Annette Tomei to provide such assistance, transportation, or services. I have the right to refuse medical assistance and understand Annette Tomei will provide assistance if I am incapacitated.

Questions? Please reach out to 

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