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by Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire
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This is a Featured Preorder* for a book that will be published November 12, 2024.

This is what the publisher tells us about this book:

A dreamscape book about one of the world’s most exotic and extraordinary restaurants: London’s sketch.

Enter the totally unique and entirely exceptional world of London’s sketch, one of the
city’s most-loved restaurants. Set in the very heart of London there are treasures to be
found in every room – including the famous pod toilets which are an Instragrammer’s
dream. From a mad hatter’s tea party in the Glade tea room, to the eccentric Parlour
patisserie, the icing on top of this magical cake is to be found in Pierre Gagnaire’s three Michelin-starred Lecture Room and Library – one of only five restaurants in the UK to hold such an accolade.

Part history, part recipes, part love letter to sketch and its patrons, this is a book for
anyone who has ever loved the restaurant and food lovers alike. This is a sensual feast in book form, and, just like the restaurant, the book is entirely unique.

Mourad Mazouz, the celebrated restaurateur and art connoisseur, combines the
unusual in the most unexpected way. His hybrid venues have created unique experiences in six international cities. Pierre Gagnaire’s name is synonymous with iconoclastic cooking and technical mastery. He is a leading figure of modern French cuisine and three Michelin-star, mad-scientist food experiments, with restaurants around the world. 

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Published: November 12, 2024

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