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Rice the Italian Way

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by ItaliaSquisita
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Italians have been cultivating and cooking rice for more than a thousand years, selecting varieties suited to their favorite purposes and showcasing rice dishes in home kitchens and in legendary restaurants.

Food magazine ItaliaSquisita offers here a systematic look at contemporary Italian rice cooking, ranging from venerable classics to inventive modern rice dishes from Michelin-starred kitchens. Among the contributing chefs are:

  • Heinz Beck

  • Massimo Bottura

  • Moreno Cedroni

  • Carlo Cracco

  • Antonio Guida

  • Gualtiero Marchesi

The book includes fundamental techniques for various preparation methods, as well as for making the broths which are key to so many Italian rice dishes. Different versions of risotto predominate and feature a remarkable range of ingredients and flavors. But there are also arancini, suppli, timbales, rice-stuffed vegetables, and desserts.

Each dish is show plated. Measurements are in the metric system.

Flexibind. In English. Color photographs throughout.

Published: 2024

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