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Korean American Cooking Comics (2nd Ed.)

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by Sungyoon Choi and Eric Watkins
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Now in paperback with an additional story for this edition.

Authors Sungyoon Choi and Eric Watkins–published here as Choi Watkins–mix culinary instruction with kitchen humor and relationship chronicles, conveying them all in concise, appealing art work. Many of the illustrations are in black-and-white, but bursts of color throughout the book continue to excite the eye.

Recipes range from soybean sprout soup and sweet sticky rice to spicy rice cakes with blood sausage and a very thorough kimchi primer. There are a few more clearly American dishes which we suspect are very particular to the authors' home kitchens, but all cuisines evolve, don't they?

Paperback. Color and black-and-white illustrations.

Published: June 5, 2024

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