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Pastry Revolution 64

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Published four times a year in Spain, Pastry Revolution is like Art Culinaire for baking professionals: a hip, up-to-date survey of the work of leading practitioners, kitted out with slick presentation photography, short profiles of featured chefs and cooks, and, of course, recipes.

Where most recent issues typically center a single pastry chef, this issue selected the 18 best bakers in Barcelona and features their iconic breads and pastries.  The selection covers both the kind of bakers who are part of a long linage of traditional preparations, as well as those creating vegan or gluten free loaves, or employing otherwise non-traditional methods.

While a variety of baked goods like galette du rois, panettone and doughnut are featured here, loaves, boules, and baguettes are very much the star of the show for this issue and lovingly showcased accordingly. 

Paperback.  Beautiful color photographs throughout. In Spanish

Published: February 22, 2024

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