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Out of Print Books: Older, Recent, and Hard-to-Find

Interested in Older Books?

We sell those too–a lot of them. Whether it’s a splendid 150-year-old volume or a title that’s more recent but is no longer available through its publisher, we draw on our many resources and connections to put you together with what you require.

WE HAVE BOOKS–thousands of them, jamming the shelves of our famous basement. Let us know what you want. If we don’t have it on hand, then…

WE FIND BOOKS–the ones you’re looking for, in the best possible condition and at the most reasonable price. Of course, you may not know exactly what you want, so then…

WE SUGGEST BOOKS–books that may be appropriate to a subject you are researching, or perhaps to your collecting interests. And going further…

WE SURPRISE YOU WITH BOOKS–new arrivals, off-beat finds, back-number periodicals, and more, many posted as online offers. Not happy with what you bought? We invite you to exchange for something more to your need or your expectations.

Show Me What's Available

Click here for a selection of currently available out-of-print books

And click here to see some of what we’ve offered in the recent past

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Below you’ll find a form to tell us what you’d like us to find for you. Our searches are made without charge and there is no obligation to you.

If You Have Books to Offer Us

Wonderful! Thanks for thinking of us. 

Unfortunately, we can’t make housecalls to examine collections. We ask that you let us know what you have by one of these methods: 

Email us a simple list of what you want to part with. We need only title, author, and binding (hardcover or paperback) 


Email us photographs of your shelves of books, taken so that we can read the spines.

Please do not bring books into the store without prior arrangement.


More About Our Search Service

Nach Waxman, who founded Kitchen Arts & Letters in 1983, led our out-of-print search team for many years until his death in August, 2021. Now, the full staff works hard on filling requests, led by Laura Jackson, who was Nach's right hand in searches for several years.

How to request a book

Please use the contact form below to tell us about the book you want. The more information you can provide us about the book you want and the more accurate you are, the more efficiently we can locate it. 

Ideally, we would hope for the exact titleauthorpublisher, and approximate year of publication

If you’re not certain about any of these, then do tell us all that you know about it–the color, the size, whether it was a paperback or a hardcover, and whether it had any illustrations–color or black and white.  Tell us too, where and when you saw a copy or even how you heard about it. Such details can sometimes be of real aid in helping us track your book.  In the case of a cookbook, if you recall a distinctive recipe that was in the book, that would let us be more assured that we have what you want.

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