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Chef & Restaurant Cookbooks

These professional chef cookbooks feature the work of leading cooks and great restaurants from all over the world. Here you'll find imported cookbooks from France, Spain, Denmark, Mexico, and many other countries, including the newest books by famous chefs and innovative rising stars. 

We've also included the latest in magazines for food professionals, as well as works on culinary technique for restaurants and food artisans.

Michelin Restaurant Cookbooks

The best chef cookbooks take many forms. Some are elaborate showcases for beautiful food photography, offering stunning presentations of the food just as it is served at Michelin-starred restaurants. Others are more thoughtful, including ruminations on the sources of culinary creativity from people who have devoted their lives to it.

Books for Professional Cooks

Professional chef cookbooks are sometimes called coffee table books by those who don’t understand how restaurant professionals work. These are not books to show off to visiting friends. They are books to help professional cooks and chefs understand what their colleagues are doing and how the professional culinary game is being played all over the world.

In the same way that a sculptor might visit a museum to be inspired by the works of Rodin or Louise Bourgeois, cooks seek out books by their colleagues in order to spark their imagination and find new paths for their creativity.

Imported Chef and Restaurant Cookbooks

We take real pleasure in finding the best chef books from other countries. In many cases, we import the books directly from the restaurants they represent. We value our relationships with professional chefs, both as customers and as authors and publishers.

We are always hunting for new professional chef cookbooks. If you have written a book about your restaurant, we want to hear from you! And if you are searching for a restaurant cookbook that you do not find on our website, please email us and ask about it. We’ll be delighted to do everything to find it for you.

We are proud of this selection of what we think are some of the best chef books in the world.

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