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Whetstone #9

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Whetstone magazine is minority-owned and led by a diverse group of women and people of color. The writing style and the stories told reflect this diversity in their richness and character. Contributors are from around the globe.

This issue continues exploring the theme of origin foraging, also explored in issue 8

Contributors include front cover artist Araba Ankuma with the photo documentary project “These Hands,” covering origin stories of contemporary Black farmers along the U.S. West Coast.  Kang-Chun Chen writes abut how Norway’s semi-nomadic Skolt-Sami population maintains strong cultural ties to reindeer consumption in the face of evolving government regulations.

Alba Cambeiro addresses the ancient roots of present day olive oil production in Kilis, Turkey. Jahdé Marley and Daniel Boyce explore the diverse, homegrown beginnings of commercialized rum production across the Caribbean. And Andrea Aliseda and Steven Salcido present queer, Indigenous Yoeme midwife Sewa Yuli’s incorporation of traditional ingredients like nixtamalized maíz into birthing rituals. 

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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