Tender Herbs

Tender Herbs

Amy Rosen
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This slender, thoughtful book is a companion to Blood and Limes, two other collections which explore the possibilities of particular ingredients.

Amy Rosen, a food journalist and entrepreneur, sees tender herbs as "the left hook of flavor you didn't see coming.... Honestly, can you think of any other ingredient that gives more pleasure for such an affordable price?"

Her favorites, which she celebrates here, are basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, and parsley. Sometimes a single herb enlivens a dish, such as the mint in a white chocolate and raspberry tart or the cilantro in halibut and red grapefruit ceviche. But in other cases, a combination provides the boost: dill and parsley to the job in a dish of warm green lentils;  spicy pesto cheese straws incorporate basil and parsley.

These are bright but simple pleasures, practical enough to be indulged in often.

Paperback. 6" x 7 5/8" inches. 83 pages.

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