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Blood: With Recipes

Blood: With Recipes

Jennifer Mclagan
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Although blood is inevitably spilled when animals are slaughtered for consumption, most people in industrialized societies are squeamish about consuming it. Jennifer McLagan, author of such books as Bones, Fat, Odd Bits, and Bitter, and no stranger to foods and flavors that excite a visceral reaction, sets forth here to tempt cooks “to cook with blood. We must seduce them with straightforward recipes that taste good, to win over their palates and their minds.”

And she does so immediately with the likes of a blood brownie, adapted from Dorie Greenspan. Blood, it turns out, often works well as a substitute for eggs, and turns up in marshmallows and pancakes, cocktails and crackers, sausages and sauces. Many of these are absolutely traditional in cultures around the world. Throughout the book, McLagan addresses safety concerns and storage issues, social taboos, and the differences in blood from different animals.

Not for everyone, surely. But for some people, a welcome eye-opener.

Paperback. Line illustrations.

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