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Snacks for Dinner: Small Bites, Full Plates, Can't Lose

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by Lukas Volger
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A carefree sense of adventure runs through Snacks for Dinner. Why not be informal? Why not hit the contrasting textural and flavor notes inherent in many traditional quick bites, but turn them into the elements of a full-fledged meal?

Lukas Volger, who has a track record of tasty, practical books such as Bowl and Start Simple, arranges his recipes in seven chapters with titles such as 'Tangy-Juicy," and "Small but Mighty," and suggests creating a meal out of an array of these satisfactions, many of which can be made quickly or even pulled from your refrigerator or pantry because of their keeping power.

This is an enticing concept, and the recipes are distinctive enough that you won't feel that the idea is the end of the originality here. Crispy parsnip fries with green chili and sunflower seed romesco; smoky confit'd beans with olives; roasted radish and grapefruit salad; crispy parmesan-pecan crackers; even a spicy celery margarita

As it happens, the food is vegetarian, with plenty of vegan options. Its versatility and imagination mean it will make sense in almost any kitchen, and we think folks who like to entertain will find this a handy resource as well.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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