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Preserved: Condiments (Volume 1)

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by Darra Goldstein, Cortney Burns, and Richard Martin
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This is the first volume in what will become a set of six which offer bold and exciting approaches to preserving, a field that has recently tended toward the comfortingly familiar. 

Combining the talents of three experienced cooks and writers, these books invite you to be adventurous, offering detailed recipes for a wide range of flavorful goods that may not actually last long on your pantry shelves, simply because you will make them and quickly use them up.

In Condiments you will find the likes of:

  • Red plum hoisin sauce
  • Gardal, a fiery hot mustard that is the specialty of the Don Cossacks
  • Gooseberry achar, an Indian pickle
  • Salsa macha from Veracruz in Mexico, made with dried chiles and peanuts but no tomatoes or tomatillos

The books are handsome gifts in and of themselves, but also a source of wonderful ideas for those who like to make presents of pantry items.

You can find the volume on Fruit here.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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