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OP: The Teenie Weenies

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by William Donahey and Effie Baker
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True, this is not, strictly speaking, a book about food or drink. 

But when we encounter a people, two-inches tall, for whom a teapot is the laundromat and a tomato can serves for temporary housing, whose children sell lemonade out of a thimble, and picnicking or fishing for dinner in the goldfish tank serve as favored pastimes, you might forgive us the liberty we have taken here.

The Teenie Weenies comic strip, created by Ohioan William Donahey (1883–1970), debuted in the Chicago Tribune in 1914 and ran off and on until his death. The first book featuring the tiny folks, which we offer here, was published in 1917.

The narrative follows a diverse (and, in some cases, offensively caricaturized) cast of characters, handsomely illustrated by the author, and food, even when not at the center of the story, always seems to be around. Of all the characters, the Dunce is consistently preoccupied with food and quite unhappy in its absence. Naturally he’s a favorite.

Like most children’s books, this one has been well-loved, but the quality paper stock and binding materials have saved it from utter destruction. Both hinges are split, though the binding remains sound. The boards are heavily rubbed, and the cloth is frayed enough about the edges and corners to expose the boards underneath. Many pages are stained and have small tears; nothing, however, obscures the text or illustrations. This is a Fair, readable copy we offer for pure enjoyment rather than collectability. And we do think you will enjoy it.

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