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OP: Espumas de Ferran Adria

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by Ferran Adrià

Though Ferran Adrià (1962– ) wasn’t single-handedly responsible for the flood of spheres, gels, and foams appearing on fine dining menus from the late ‘90s onward, his influence in bringing molecular gastronomy to the fore can hardly be overstated. Clever and playful manipulation of ingredients became a defining characteristic of his culinary style. 

We offer here one of the earliest publications taking advantage of Adrià’s inventiveness and rising star for the purpose of branded marketing. The company that manufactures siphons most commonly used for foam making, iSi, enlisted the chef’s help to produce a spiral-bound booklet championing foams, espumas in Spanish.

Featuring nearly 50 recipes and Adrià’s thoughts on the versatility and benefits of foams, the small (3.75” x 3.75”) book with color photography on high-gloss paper, is rather impressive for a freebie promotional item. It was only ever available in Spanish, so your ambitions of aerating oyster liquor, eggplant, or saffron may require the aid of a translator. A fun and uncommon piece of the Adrià oeuvre. Fine.

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