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OP: Cosmic Cookery

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by Kathryn Hannaford

Starmast Publications, 1974. Paperback. Good. First printing.

People arrive at vegetarianism through a variety of paths. San Francisco’s One World Family commune and founder Allen Noonan (later, Allen-Michael) came to it on the advice of UFO travelers who had visited Noonan on at least more than one occasion. Far out!

Other than some commentary in the introduction—“What started as a quest into the realms of proper nutrition soon became to me an astounding journey into many related spiritual dimensions unfolding a totally new life pattern which I perceived as the cosmic source of all true health and happiness”—by author and One World Family member Kathryn Hannaford, the recipes and instructions are, surprisingly, straightforward and not at all flighty.

Tabouli, cream of celery soup, mushroom kebabs, onion pie, rice and cheese casserole, and carob chip cookies (with homemade carob chips!) are among the delicacies that make it “possible to stay in the high synthesis activities of creating a New Age of absolute freedom, security and abundance…and eternal good health and vitality for all with a balanced natural foods diet.” Not a bad trade off!
Our first printing copy is in Good condition—largely clean and unmarked inside, though the covers and spine are heavily creased and scuffed. Foxing about the edges and endpapers. Generally scarce, so we’re happy to have this gem in any condition. 

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