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OP: Catalan Cuisine

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by Colman Andrews

One of the founders of Saveur magazine, Colman Andrews (1945– ) has had a long career in journalism with a notable focus on food, chefs, and travel. He has contributed to Bon Appetit and Food & Wine and became the restaurant critic for Gourmet in 2006 after leaving his Editor in Chief role at Saveur.

Andrews’ first book, Catalan Cuisine (1988), developed out of living and traveling in Barcelona and the surrounding area throughout much of the 1980s. It remains an influential and significant document of the cuisine endemic to the region, approaching the subject thoughtfully, thoroughly, and with the discerning eye of a seasoned journalist. 

Heavily populated with recipes, headnotes, and anecdotes on the dishes and ingredients, Catalan Cuisine effectively contextualizes the distinctiveness and many influences on the region. Andrews packs a heap of value into its 300+ pages, giving testament to the reasons for its longevity in print and continued significance to those interested in Spanish regional foods.

Ours is a first printing signed to Mark and Karen. Fine, including the jacket, in all regards save for a barely discernible stain to the fore edge.

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