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Jeremy Pang's Simple Family Feasts

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by Jeremy Pang
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Jeremy Pang runs London’s School of Wok, a culinary program with a curriculum ranging from Japan and China to the Philippines and Singapore. His earlier books include Chinese Unchopped and Hong Kong Diner.

The recipes in this book can all be prepared as part of an uncomplicated weeknight meal, supplemented with a bowl of rice or noodles. But they can also be combined for more ambitious family feasts, taking advantage of Pang’s attention to contrasting textures to create an even more interesting meal.

The Savoury Seafood Noodles from the Chinese chapter satisfy the desire for something juicy and succulent. Vietnamese spring rolls fulfill the crunchy impulse. Beef rendang from Indonesia ticks the silky-and-melt-in-the-mouth box. And an eggplant omelette from the Philippines offers a soothing, gentle bite. There are even Macanese egg tarts for when you absolutely need something crispy.

As a cooking instructor, Pang writes detailed recipes. It’s worth noting, though, that the vocabulary in the book is British, so be prepared to see some differences in terminology.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout

Published: August 15, 2023

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