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Chinese Unchopped; Authentic Chinese Recipes Broken Down into Simple Techniques

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by Jeremy Pang
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This technique-focused book from the London culinary academy School of Wok offers five chapters of instruction-with-recipes for stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming, poaching and braising, and roasting and double cooking. There's also a chapter of salads, pickles, and sides to accompany the main dishes you'll create.

Chef Jeremy Pang, also the author of Hong Kong Diner, opened the school in 2009. His approach here assumes what we would call a motivated beginner: someone who is not knowledgeable about Chinese methods and ingredients, but who is interested enough to be willing to learn more than simply how to make a dish as quickly as possible.

What can you make from this book? Flash-fried cabbage with dried chilies and sweetened soy; shiitake and chive dumplings; pork belly and yam with hoisin spring onion sauce; crispy duck breast with pancakes and cucumber pickle. Just a sample, but appealing enough to catch our attention.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. This is a UK publication; measurements are usually in metric and by weight.

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