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Homemade Pizza

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by Davide Civitiello
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An experienced Neapolitan pizzaiolo teaches you to make Neapolitan-style pizza in your home kitchen, along with bonus recipes for other favorite dishes from Napoli.

Davide Civitello is a pizza celebrity in Italy, known for spreading Neapolitan pizzaways throughout the country and abroad. Beginning with a 12-page masterclass in preparing and shaping dough, and following this with methods for making gluten-free and sheetpan pizzas as well, he then demonstrates the assembling of both traditional and modern pizzas, from a classic Margharita to red lentils and guanciale and mortadella and lemon.

A separate chapter showcases an assortment of other dough-centric Neapolitan treats, from a pull-apart bread known as danubio (can be savory or sweet) to zeppole and the colorful Christmas treat known as stuffoli, which is assembled from tubes of fried dough coated in a honey syrup and decorated with candied fruit and colorful sprinkles.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. In English. Metric measure.

Interested in Neapolitan pizza making at a professional level? Consider Flour Water Salt Yeast Passion from Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana for a abundance of topping ideas. And The Neapolitan Pizza: A Scientific Guide about the Artisan Process for a highly technical approach.


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