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Original and Gourmet

Original and Gourmet

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Dozens of leading Italian chefs share recipes for classic Italian dishes, many of them transformed by the creativity of some of the greatest names in contemporary cuisine.

Contributors include:

  • Massimo Bottura
  • Carlo Cracco
  • Michelangelo Mammoliti
  • Norbert Niederkofler
  • Valeria Piccini
  • Marianna Vitale

Recipes appear in familiar groups by flavor or dish: cacio e pepe, roast chicken, tiramisu. Different chefs contribute according to their personal style, one traditional, the next remarkably innovative.

This compact book of 263 pages has plating photographs for roughly one recipe out of five and the instructional translation is capably done (some of the chapter openings are less so). Worth noting is that these are recipes from skilled professionals writing for an Italian audience, so they do assume certain familiarity with ingredients and techniques.

This book is a project of ItaliaSquisita, a magazine for Italian professional chefs.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout. In English.

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