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Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (30th Anniversary Edition)

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (30th Anniversary Edition)

Marcella Hazan & Karin Kretschmann
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A Kitchen Arts & Letters core book! The late beloved Hazan was known affectionately among her students as a woman who did not gladly suffer fools. Her keen intelligence and passion for Italian food left her little tolerance for shoddy ingredients or poor technique. This, Hazan’s masterwork, published in 1992, resulted from her synthesis of two earlier rigorous yet accessible cookbooks, Classic Italian Cooking (1973) and More Classic Italian Cooking (1978). And unlike Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking to which it is often favorably compared, Essentials manages to offer a great many more dishes that qualify as weeknight fare, from pan-roasted lamb chops in the style of Le Marche to a potato and green pea soup. This is an endlessly rewarding book from which to cook, one which is very content with traditional Italian fare yet full of surprises for cooks of almost any level of experience.

Hardcover. Line drawings.   

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