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Our Favorite Books of 2022

Our Favorite Books of 2022

As 2022 draws to a close we’re happy to share this list of our favorite food and drink books from the year.

We don’t rank them because, as KAL founder Nach Waxman used to say, that would be like ranking your children. 

But each of us has chosen five titles that we think are exciting and worthwhile, that take a fresh approach or cover territory that has been previously overlooked. Our hats are off to authors who wrote something distinctive enough to charm a crew of booksellers who see a lot of books every twelve months.

Choosing just a few is wrenching. Every one of us wanted to list more books. But we held back because making a list like this is supposed to help our customers narrow their choices down.

If you wonder who each of these people making recommendations are, you can read short bios on the About Us page.

Matt Sartwell breaks the rules and choses more than five books. No excuses made except that he likes books. He chooses:

The Cook You Want to Be by Andy Baraghani

Delectable by Claudia Fleming

Food52 Simply Genius by Kristen Miglore

Gateau by Aleksandra Crapanzano

Korean American by Eric Kim

The Kingdom of Rye by Darra Goldstein

Menu No. 2 by Brian Voll

The Miracle of Salt by Naomi Duguid

Gil Calderon likes: 

Mezcla by Ixta Belfrage

Rambutan by Cynthia Shanmugalingam

Shichimi Food Magazine #1 by Kaoru Mitsui

Tamu by Bryan Koh

Why Cook by Archana Pidathala


Laura Jackson likes:

Motherland by Melissa Thompson

Queer Earth Food, Clare Lagomarsino, editor

Tanya Holland’s California Soul by Tanya Holland

Vegan Chinese Kitchen by Hannah Che

Via Carota by Jody Williams and Rita Sodi

Chris Fry likes:

The Food of the Singapore Malays by Khir Johari

Koks: Faroe Islands Flavour by Poul Andrias Ziska and Tim Ecott 

Modern Classic Cocktails by Robert Simonson

The Rancho Gordo Vegetarian Kitchen, Volume 2  by Steve Sando and Julia Newberry (but he asked us to include Volume 1 as well)

Salad Freak by Jess Damuck

Natalie Stroud likes:

The Best American Food Writing 2022 edited by Sohla El-Waylly

Cook as You Are by Ruby Tandoh

Diasporican by Illyanna Maisonet

I Dream of Dinner So You Don’t Have To by Ali Slagle

New European Baking by Laurel Kratochvila

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  • This is probably silly and certainly unnecessary, but I was in the store recently and in my fog forgot to mention to anyone how much I enjoy all your newsletters. I’d love it if each person left a little comment on, say, one of his/her/their choices, an explanation of its particular appeal.

    Margy Berger

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