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The Vegan Chinese Kitchen: Recipes and Stories from a Thousand-Year-Old Tradition

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by Hannah Che
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Hannah Che, born and raised in Detroit, thought that committing to vegan eating might create distance between herself and her parents, who loved traditional Chinese food.

But thoughtful research into Chinese food history revealed a range of vegetarian and plant-based cooking that Che explored, including attending the only vegetarian cooking school in China.

In The Vegan Chinese Kitchen she offers a wide range of traditional dishes from throughout China, as well as modern ideas of her own devising and from China's growing vegan communities.

Recipes are arranged into chapters according to their primary ingredient, such as leafy greens, tofu skin, root vegetables, gluten, and rice and wheat noodles. Where necessary, step-by-step photo sequences illustrate techniques, but many dishes rely on simple cutting and stir-frying. 

Among the dishes that caught our eye: blanched sweet potato greens with crispy shallots; pan-fried tofu skin cakes with pickled mustard greens and cilantro; scallion flower buns with Sichuan peppercorns; crispy fried mushrooms with five-spice salt.

Recipe names are also transliterated and given in Chinese characters.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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