Wine, Unfiltered: Buying, Drinking, and Sharing Natural Wine

Wine, Unfiltered: Buying, Drinking, and Sharing Natural Wine

Katherine Clary
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This small, accessible book serves as a friendly introduction to choosing and enjoying wines made with the least amount of additives and using grapes that have not been grown with synthetic chemicals. Often, but not always, these are called organic wines.

This process requires commitment from both growers and wine makers. Clary, who publishes a magazine called Wine Zine, writes comfortably about how this affects the qualities of wine. She is clearly not suggesting that all wines so made are desirable, and throughout the book she recommends particular approaches, as well as particular winemakers that she feels represent the best results. For Americans, she also list wine shops and wine bars that have extensive or interesting selections of natural wine.

There are certainly more comprehensive books on the subject, but for someone looking to sample the possibilities of this type of wine, Wine, Unfiltered is an engaging start.


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