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Odd Apples: Limited Edition

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by William Mullan
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Apple lovers know that the shiny, uniformly colored specimens on big-box grocery store shelves are but a fragment of the beauty of these enticing fruits.

Photographer William Mullan pays tribute here to the striking diversity of apples: shape, skin tone, flesh color, leaves and even blossoms. The apples are set against contrasting backgrounds that complement their qualities and what Mullan sees as their personalities.

These unusual varieties come from places as diverse as Kyrgyzstan, Czechia, the Netherlands, England, Canada, and the US. Mullan's endnotes reveal a fascination with eating qualities, as well as what can be known of the histories of varieties with names such as Ashmead's Kernel, Firecracker, Mountain Rose, Nutting Bumpus, and Twistbody Jersey.

A beautiful and innocent diversion.

This is a limited, larger format edition, 9 x 11.25 inches. It includes includes a print of the photograph titled Hidden Rose housed in a pergamin paper sleeve inserted in the book.

You can find the standard edition here.

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