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Wild Herb Cookbook

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by Sami Tallberg
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An award-winning Finnish chef and foraging enthusiast, Sami Tallberg demonstrates here the use of 59 wild plants which can be found in a variety of environments. While some are most often found in the further north, others have much broader distribution.

Among the more widespread are chickweed, dandelion, sorrel, burdock, and elder. Perhaps more surprising are silver birch, the small-leaved lime—the leaves and flowers, not the fruits—and both the prickly and smooth sow-thistle, which are used quite differently

Tallberg also highlights the benefits of using invasive plants, such as the peppery Himalayan balsalm, and helps foragers distinguish between those which are commonly confused (no more mistaking sweet cicely for wild chervil!).

Latin names are provided for each plant, as well as descriptions of their appearance, usual habitat, flavor, and texture. Tallberg also notes those plants to which some people may be sensitive.

He also provides an illustrative recipe demonstrating the use of each foraged plant, just in case you're wondering what to do with common polypody roots once you have brought them home.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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