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The Whole Okra

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by Chris Smith
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Boy, some people sure don't care for okra. But we, and author and seed-saving advocate Chris Smith, think that's only because they really haven't learned how wonderful and versatile it is.

This book is an impressive demonstration of the usefulness of okra, not solely in the culinary sense. There’s an okra timeline tracing European and American slow recognition of okra's value; a collection of recipes by cooks like Marcus Samuelsson, Sean Brock, and Sandor Katz; tips on using the stem fiber and oversized seeds; instructions for creating okra flour and okra tea; and a cultivation guide that includes tips on choosing from among more than 70 varieties.

Throughout the book Smith uses okra as a case study for the importance or preserving crop diversity, offering vivid stories of lost varieties, pointing out the hazards of relying on hybrids which are owned and controlled by large corporations, and saluting farmers and cooks who have kept okra traditions alive in the United States. Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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