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Whetstone #11

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Whetstone magazine is minority-owned and led by a diverse group of women and people of color. The writing style and the stories told reflect this diversity in their richness and character. Contributors are from around the globe.

In this issue:

  • Giaae Kwan asks us to rethink describing Korean food in using Japanese reference points
  • Irina Janakievska urges us to separate ideas of Balkan cuisine from stereotypes of fragmentation and instability
  • Mark Corbyn explores the development of the very idea of a single, traditional Filipino cuisine
  • Fabricio González Soriano and Renée Alexander on a Oaxacan town’s annual ritual of soup-making to commemorate the installation of newly elected officials
  • Shabnan Ferdowski presents a photo essay about returning to Iran and the markets her family once frequented
  • Ojo Taiye’s poem recalls her mother’s 1965 civil rights activism
  • Dr. Julia Fine and Dr. Ashley Buchanan trace the usage of herbal abortifacients in early America
  • Zahra Simpa discusses acarajé, a bean fritter made by women in the Bahia region of Brazil that has its roots in the regions of Africa where their ancestors were originally enslaved
  • Margaret Waterbury’s history of radicchio and the selective breeding that turned it into a dramatic presence on the table
  • Annie Hariharan celebrates Eid with rendang on Christmas Island

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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