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What to Drink With What You Eat

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by Andrew Dornenberg and Karen Page
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"The definitive guide to pairing food with wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea--even water-- based on expert advice from America's best sommeliers." Dornenburg and Page have long been hailed as our go-to experts on bringing flavors together in the most enjoyable and creative ways through their books, including Culinary Artistry, The Flavor Bible, and Karen's latest Kitchen Creativity. In What to Drink with What You Eat, the practical food/ingredient and flavor based approach their followers have grown to rely on is augmented with the wisdom of food and drink professionals from some of the best restaurants in the US. This is a practical and infinitely usable guide to exploring the seemingly-complex world of food and beverage pairing based on what you really eat. Hardcover. Color and black and white photography.  

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