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WD50: The Cookbook

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by Wylie Dufresne
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The groundbreaking WD-50 closed in 2014 after eleven years in downtown New York, whence it disrupted the world restaurant scene with deliciously playful dishes that defied or inverted expectations through a scientifically informed love of food.

This collection of the public’s and Chef Wylie Dufresne’s favorite recipes includes the fried mayonnaise that was an essential part of the deconstructed pickled beef tongue sandwich with tomato molasses. You’ll also find the carrot-coconut “sunny-side up” in which stabilized juices masquerade as a fried egg as well as lobster noodles with charred lemon, green grapes, and coriander brown butter crumbs.

Sometimes the recipes are technically challenging; sometimes they are examples of inspired simplicity.  But it says a great deal about WD-50’s revolutionary approach that they all still seem fresh and exciting.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

Published: October 17, 2017

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