Way We Eat Now, The: How the Food Revolution Has Transformed Our Lives, Our Bodi

Way We Eat Now, The: How the Food Revolution Has Transformed Our Lives, Our Bodi

Bee Wilson
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An insightful, accessible, serious examination of how dramatically the food we now eat is divorced from what our ancestors consumed. Across most of the world, the human diet has been radically transformed since the end of WWII. Even those of us who cook almost all of our own food, eschewing industrially prepared shortcuts, are eating varieties of fruits, vegetables, and grains, or animals, which have been altered by a wave of innovative breeding, to say nothing of more recent genetic modifications, To be clear, not every change has been for the worse. Bee Wilson's navigation of issues as diverse as overeating, agricultural economics, the decline of the family meal, and the proliferation of diets and eating programs, displays an engaging wit, thoughtful analysis, a certain wry amusement at her own eating quirks, and a convincing passion that things could be better. But not necessarily easily (or they already would be), even as she provides some tips for making meaningful personal changes. Smart. Engaging. Hardcover.
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