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Uncle Anthony's Hokkien Recipes

Uncle Anthony's Hokkien Recipes

Anthony Loo
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The Singapore Heritage Cookbooks This series, which we import from Singapore, consists of individual books (six to date, hopefully more to come) highlighting the traditional home cooking of each of the various ethnic groups in the busy, prosperous city state. Every book includes an affectionate tribute to one person whose cooking represents the cuisine featured there, and charming, highly personal commentary on many of the dishes reflects the interchange among Singapore’s different cultures. Those looking for definitive, systematic studies of ethnic traditions will be disappointed, but these handsomely designed slender books offer a fascinating window into everyday fare. Loo’s street stall was known for deft renditions of simple and hearty traditional foods from China’s Fujian province (Hokkien describes a group of dialects from this region and, thus by extension,its speakers). The food here is very much in this mold: lotus root soup with pork rib bones; savory sweet potato porridge; fish with sweet preserved radish and fresh ginger. Flexibind.
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