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Traditional Prekmurian Cookbook

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by Matej Fišer
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This is a fascinating look at a distinctive European cuisine.

Prekmurje is a region divided between present day Slovenia and Hungary, populated largely by ethnic Slovenes. Author Matej Fišer, a photographer born there, recognized just how remarkable it was that the area had retained its own culinary identity—but also how much that identity owed to history and the influence of various neighboring communities.

In The Traditional Prekmurian Cookbook, Fišer offers a collection of forty recipes, some gathered from fine hotels that echo the grandeur of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and others straight from home kitchens, humble street food kiosks, and butchers.

The recipes are quite detailed, titled in both Slovenian and English, and accompanied by head notes which explain the dish's significance in Prekmurje. You'll find recipes for food such as scrambled eggs with bacon (which includes instructions for curing your own bacon the Prekmurian way); mushroom soup with potatoes and buckwheat that its often served with a sort of buckwheat oven pancake; and the local showstopper, prekmurska gibanica, a layered pie comprised of shortcrust, filo pastry, poppy seeds, sweetened cottage cheese, apples, walnuts, and sour cream.

Fišer's photographs sometimes include highly-styled models, often in variations in traditional local garb. As dramatic as these can be, they are outnumbered by photos of the food.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout,.  

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