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Too Good to Passover: Sephardic and Judeo-arabic Seder Menus and Memories from a

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by Jennifer Felicia Abadi
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Jennifer Abadi, the author of A Fistful of Lentils, a collection of Syrian-Jewish family recipes, offers here a remarkable look at Passover traditions from the diverse Sephardic communities.

Chapters cover different countries and regions and include stories of family and local traditions from people who represent a variety of social backgrounds, levels of religious observance, and assimilation into other communities. The sample menus and recipes that follow are Abadi's own creations, based on her extensive research, though she frequently credits the people who so generously shared with her.

There are 18 chapters in all, arranged by continent. For Africa, there are chapters on Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. For Asia, there are chapters on Afghanistan and Bukharia, India, Iran, Syria & Lebanon, Turkey, and Yemen. For Europe, there are chapters on Bulgaria & Moldova, Georgia, Greece, Italy, and Spain, Portugal & GIbraltar.

Self-published, Too Good to Passover doesn't benefit from the slick design a major publishing house might have given it. But it offers authenticity, charm, an adventure that a major house would likely have never undertaken, and the meticulous attention to detail of an author passionately committed to the traditions she is documenting.

681 pages. Paperback. Black-and-white photos and line drawings.

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