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Tokyo for Food Lovers

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by Jonas Cramby
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"An alternative title to this book," Jonas Cramby writes, ""could have been A social phobic's guide to the most difficult to understand foodie city." He is "a nervous and paranoid traveler who detests not knowing how you're supposed to behave in every single situation."

And accordingly much of this book is devoted to exploring the idioms and etiquettes of Tokyo's many specialized restaurant scenes, as well as to identifying places that represent the best current manifestations thereof. Chapters cover establishments devoted to:

  • Ramen and tsukemen
  • Udon, soba & tempura
  • Yakiniku
  • Yakitori & yakiton
  • Japanese curry
  • Gyoza & biru
  • Tonkatsu
  • Sushi
  • Izakaya
  • Fast food & sweet treats
  • Coffee & tea
  • Craft beer, natural wine & sake
  • Japanese bars

Cramby's writing is laced with contemporary pop culture references and comparisons to other establishments in places such as New York and Paris, which makes it a poor choice for someone who does not share those touchstones.

But it's vividly written and captures the energy of the parts of the city's food scene he seeks to cover.

Paperback. Color and black-and-white photos throughout.

See also in this series Rome for Food Lovers and Paris for Food Lovers.

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