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This Is Not a Cookbook: A Chef's Creative Process from Imagination to Creation

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by Flynn McGarry
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In this distinctively formatted and presented memoir, Flynn McGarry who gained a great deal of attention as a teen by opening a pop-up restaurant in NYC, discusses the sources of his ambition, creativity, and development while introducing young adult readers to the realities of restaurant work and entrepreneurship.

In keeping with the book’s expectation-defying title, each chapter is couched as a negative: This Is Not a Bedroom, This Is Not a Beet, This Is Not a Restaurant, and so forth. Inherent in these are McGarry’s ongoing efforts to make do with what he had and to approach challenges from fresh perspectives.

The ideal reader for this book is a young person of restless culinary ambition who is looking for a sense that it is indeed possible to progress beyond the limits imposed by traditional schooling. While the illustrations by Adil Dara can at times seem aimed at a pre-teen audience, they integrate well with the book’s text and underscore McGarry’s message of creativity.

There are a modest number of, each of them integral to the book’s story.

Hardcover. Color illustrations.

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