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The Vegan Bean Cookbook : High-Protein, Plant-Based Meals That Are Better for Your Body, Schedule and Budget

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by Andrea Soranidis
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This is what the publisher tells us about this book:

Getting enough protein on a vegan diet has never been easier, cheaper or more delicious than with Petite Cook founder Andrea Sorandidis’s 60 recipes, built around nature’s tastiest, most versatile plant-based protein source— beans!

The Easy Way to Make Standout Protein-Packed Meals

The secret to creating memorable vegan meals that are better for your body, budget and busy schedules? Beans! With 20-Minute Italian author Andrea Soranidis’s easy, cost-effective and filling recipes, you’ll learn to transform the humble bean from a pantry staple to the key to hearty, flavorful meals.

Pump up the protein with lunches like the Next-Level Mushroom Bean Burger, Spring-Perfect Socca Pizza and Smoky and Spicy Chili Sin Carne, which will keep you full and energized all day. Get dinner on the table in minutes with Creamy Edamame Pesto Pasta or Asian-Style Mixed Bean Lettuce Wraps. Indulge in comfort foods like Classic Family Meat(less)loaf, a Sunday Skillet Chickpea Lasagna with Butternut Squash Sauce or Creamy Cannellini Fettuccine Alfredo. Best of all, you won’t taste beans—only deliciousness—in healthier desserts like Banana Bread with a Pulse Twist, Black Bean Chocolate Pudding and PB & Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Incredibly accessible, budget-friendly and satisfying, these vegan recipes will change the way you cook with and think about beans in a healthy plant-based lifestyle!

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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