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The Preserve Journal 7

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In their own words "The Preserve Journal is an independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, resilient, and responsible food culture. With it we wish to invite our readers to look beyond the bite of food on their fork, and to see the whole picture of their meal and their role in it."

In this issue:

  • Barney Pau discusses the limits of taxonomy, and why knowing a species' name is not the same as knowing its nature
  • Ane Brødsgaard Saldic explores marine microorganisms and the emerging understanding of the environment they create
  • Tanita de Ruijt on the paradox of rendang, the national dish of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore—the Netherlands
  • Sylvia Tomczak examines "beewashing," in which feel-good sentiments replace practical changes necessary to preserve the viability of pollinators.

There's more, including looks at regenerative farming, the history of marmalade, and the growth of internet food culture.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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