The Perfect Persimmon: History, Recipes, and More

The Perfect Persimmon: History, Recipes, and More

Michelle Medlock Adams
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Michelle Medlock Adams grew up in an Indiana county that was proud of its annual persimmon festival and she’s never lost her love of the fruit. Her deft little celebration of persimmons includes a quick guide to the varieties most commonly found in the US, distinguishing the native so-called common persimmon (the English-language name derives from the Powhatan name, pichamin) from the Asian-originated varieties cultivated here, such as Fuyu and Hachiya.

Adams also offers an eye-opening array of recipes that starts with a panoply of persimmon puddings—apparently a very important benchmark among the persimmon faithful—and moves on to cookies, ice creams, cakes, quick breads, jams, and smoothies. There’s even a section of savory persimmon recipes, from a persimmon and arugula penne to a persimmon and apple pork tenderloin.

This is a folksy, friendly collection that takes for granted, and why wouldn’t it, that you share the author’s love of the fruit.

Hardcover. Black-and-white photographs throughout.

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