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The Korean Cookbook

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by Junghyun Park and Jungyoon Choi
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With 350 recipes, this nearly 500-page book covers traditional Korean cooking, as well as profiling ten master artisans whose specialization in technique or regional cooking represents the country’s heritage.

Written by acclaimed chef Junghyun Park (Atoboy, Atomix, and Naro in NYC) and culinary historian and teacher Jungyoon Choi, The Korean Cookbook is organized into sections which reflect Korean ways of thinking about food. There are chapters on fermented foods, rice dishes, dishes to accompany rice, savory pancakes, assorted cooking methods, broths, soups, and stews, and noodles and dumplings.

There are photographs of approximately half of the dishes, and recipe names are provided in Korean characters as well as transliterated into English.

The authors include a wide variety of recipes, from familiar and easily assembled varieties of kimchi to dishes which are not so commonly found in the US, such as

  • River snail doenjang (a fermented paste) and squash leaf ssam
  • Sundae, or blood sausage, a popular street food
  • Acorn jelly bap, a rice soup
  • Hand-torn noodles in anchovy broth

As comprehensive as anything we have seen in English.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

Published: October 25, 2023

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