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The Exile's Cookbook: Medieval Gastronomic Treasures from Al-Andalus and North Africa

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by Ibn Razin al-Tujibi
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Here is what the publisher tells us about this book: 

Of the many books written by thirteenth-century Muslim-Andalusian scholar Ibn Razin al-Tujibi, only one survives—a cookbook.

Compiled from his new home in Tunisia, having fled Murcia following the Christian reconquest of Spain, it features recipes from Al-Tujibi's Andalusi heritage, offering dishes embracing a diverse range of influences. The Exile's Cookbook brings together 480 recipes, including roasts and stews, breads, condiments, preserves, sweetmeats, and even hand-washing soaps.

It offers a fascinating insight into the cuisine of Muslim Spain and North Africa in the period—its regional characteristics and historical antecedents, but also its links to culinary traditions in other parts of the Muslim world.

This elegant translation by Daniel L. Newman is based on all the manuscripts of the text that are known to have survived. It is accompanied by an introduction and extensive notes contextualising the recipes, ingredients, kitchen, tableware and cooking practices. The Exile's Cookbook brings together 480 recipes from the cuisine of Muslim Spain and North Africa. This unique medieval cookbook reveals the fascinating development of the Arab culinary tradition and its profound influence on European cooking.


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