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The Cookie Bible

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by Rose Levy Beranbaum
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For any baker who wants to truly understand the craft of cookie making, The Cookie Bible offers imagination, insight, and many rewards.

A meticulous and inspired baker, Rose Levy Beranbaum first made her mark with The Cake Bible in 1988, a book which was immediately recognized for its rigor and innovation. She followed up with the acclaimed Rose's Christmas Cookies. Both of these books are still in print many decades later, a testament to their appeal.

Beranbaum is a baker who is always willing to invest a few extra minutes of work to achieve the result she wants; she has the technical experience to make the most of the effort. Her recipes are not the fastest, simplest way to bake. But having followed one, you will understand why she asks you to take that extra step and appreciate the details in her instructions, such as browning the butter for chocolate chip cookies

All that means little, of course, if her cookies don't appeal to you. The Cookie Bible offers many familiar favorites such as melting moments, Mexican wedding cakes, and brownies. But we are more intrigued by the likes of:

  • Hazelnut praline cookies
  • Meringue rugelach
  • Turkish ginger-lime cookies
  • Lemon cranberry squares
  • Caramel surprise snickerdoodles

Measurements are by weight as well as by volume. Step-by-step photo sequences help you confidently assemble some of the more complex cookies.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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