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The Art of Arabic Coffee

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by Medina Ilyas
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Here is what the publisher tells us about the book:

The Art of Arabic Coffee celebrates the subtle beauty and fascinating history of this aromatic beverage, which over the centuries has become an essential feature of Arab culture and society.

The art of cultivating, roasting and preparing coffee was first honed in Arabia. It is an inseparable part of almost all social occasions, celebrations, ceremonies and political negotiations in the region. Driven by her infectious passion for the topic, Medina Ilyas takes readers on a journey to discover the intriguing story of Arabic coffee, detailing the events that have shaped its development and the myriad of customs, recipes and techniques that make it one of the most versatile and culturally significant beverages in the world.

Through engaging stories and surprising facts, she demonstrates how the complexity and endless varieties of Arabic coffee reflect the diversity and richness of the people and cultures of the Arab world.

Whether you are a seasoned Arabic coffee drinker or have yet to try it, The Art of Arabic Coffee has something for everyone. Be prepared to discover an infinite array of subtle and tantalizing flavors as you sip and indulge this precious and iconic Arabian beverage. 

Paperback. Color illustrations throughout.

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