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Tasting Rome; Fresh Flavors & Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City

Tasting Rome; Fresh Flavors & Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City

Katie Parla & Kristina Gill
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Rome is known as the Eternal City but its food is ever-changing. To be sure, there are venerable traditions in the city that trace their roots back millennia, but as a world capital, Rome attracts people and influences that continue to shape its cooking.

Parla and Gill, American expats who have made Rome their home, do a wonderful job here capturing the contemporary food one would experience in Rome's homes, markets, restaurants, bakeries, gelaterias, coffee bars, and pubs.

You'll find the hearty meat- and offal-based dishes of the Testaccio neighborhood, the innovative upsidedown pizza al contrario from Gabriele Bonci, and even a carbonara sour that features guanciale-washed vodka. Throughout the book the authors share their delight in Rome's rhythms, people, culture, and of course, food. A wonderful way to be transported.

Color photographs throughout by Gill. Hardcover.  

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