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Taste: My Life Through Food

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by Stanley Tucci
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"About twenty-five years ago," Stanley Tucci writes, "I made a film called Big Night about two Italian brothers struggling to keep their restaurant going. It ended up heightening my interest in all things culinary, and catapulted me into places, relationships, and experiences I never thought I would have."

Taste is Tucci's memoir of life before and after Big Night. It's the story of an Italian family where food was usually the most common subject of conversation, of an actor whose adventures included translating on-set conversations between Robert Altman and Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, of the loss of a dearly loved wife, and the discovery of new love.

There are recipes larded through the book, mostly for Italian food (including a timpano for Big Night fans), but with some cocktails and other things as well, all relevant to Tucci's stories.

Charming and funny.


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