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Tapas: Classic Small Dishes from Spain

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by Elisabeth Luard
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This is what the publisher tells us about the book:

Tapas are the wonderfully tempting little dishes of food that are traditionally served with sherry in southern Spain. Beautifully simple, tantalizingly delicious, and easy to prepare, they are perfect for all kinds of occasions. The recipes and suggestions in this book demonstrate how simple ingredients can be quickly transformed into mini feasts designed to delight the senses.

Elisabeth Luard is a British food-writer, journalist and broadcaster specialising in the traditional cooking of Europe and Latin America (though she'll take a swing round Africa and India if asked), placed in its social, geographical and historical context. The step-daughter of a British diplomat, her early schooling was in Uruguay, Spain, France and Mexico.

“I tried several of the dishes in the company of friends and found that though the ingredient lists are frequently simple, the outcomes are delicious, often because of that simplicity. There are a few more complicated recipes, like those for croquettes and pasties, but the instructions are still clear and easy to follow… this is a fabulous collection of recipes for those who appreciate the art of tapas.” -Manhattan Book Review

“Beautifully illustrated throughout, "Tapas: Classic Small Dishes From Spain" is a unique and very special addition to family, personal, professional, and community library cookbook collections.” -Midwest Book Review

“Luard provides a plethora of recipes that she hopes will encourage us to get the tapas habit and once that happens, she suggests we raise our glasses together in the traditional Spanish toast… And with her recipes…the salutation will be a joy to make.” -New York Journal of Books


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